Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Sephora Lip Pencils

I've been needing to buy new lip pencils for a while, since I finally got rid of the ones I'd had for years. So I went to Sephora today and looked at their line of makeup, and was once again pleasantly surprised at how affordable it is-- their lip pencils are only $4-$5 each! Sure, they're shorter than most other lip pencils, but that still seems like a great deal to mr, especially since the color from these pencils goes on so much smoother than many other cheaper pencils.

So I got 2 of the slim pencils (in 132/dark red and 110/natural), and one jumpo pencil (406/purple). I was first looking at Bare Escentuals lip liner in "wearable rose" when I realized that the Sephora jumbo pencil in 406 was almost the exact same color (for less than half the price) so I went with the latter. I love the color, it's basically like nice rosy lips, but more flushed (not sure why Sephora calls it "purple", it's not really the color that comes to mind for me).

Pencil 110 is a nice nude/toast color, it will be a nice base for the browner toned lipsticks and glosses I'll start wearing here as it gets to be fall. Pencil 132 is more of a burgundy color, it will also be really nice for fall. I'm tempted to go back and get a whole slew of these lip pencils, the color selection is really nice and you really just can't beat the price!

I got a few other goodies today on my shopping trip, including Benefit's Dallas bronzer/blush powder (that everybody's been raving about), and MAC lipglass. I'll have reviews of these products up in the following days. ; )

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