Thursday, September 14, 2006

I *heart* Steve Madden

I've found over the years that one shoe designer I continually find myself drooling over is Steve Madden. I adore his women's dress shoes. One day, when I have enough to money to justify buying my shoes someplace other than Payless (and the occasional splurge at DSW), I will buy myself some gorgeous Steve Madden heels. Till then, I'll just have to do with my Payless ripoffs.

Here's some of the shoes I've been dreaming about lately:

I have been REALLY into peep-toe pumps lately-- very retro, totally classic, and just gorgeous. And there's something about leopard print that makes it a classic that never goes out of style (as long as you wear it right). These would look killer with a simple little black dress. Also available in zebra print. ($169.95)

These are just simply gorgeous (available in purple, red, and brown as well). I wasn't kidding about the peeptoes-- they're just about all I've had my eyes on lately! (link, $169.95)

Here's a very cute pair of flats. In this color scheme, they'd dress up any outfit and add a bit of personality and flair. They're also available in black or gold leather, and in black suede. I have a pair of black flats very much like these (with the flower and everything) from Gap and I adore them, though they don't provide a whole lot of support... these look like they have a thicker heel, giving you a bit of shock absorption when you walk. (link, $89.95)

And then there's these... (also available in black and gold) Gaudy? Yes. Necessary? Of course not. So unbelievably fun to wear? YES! Ok, so if I really were to get these I'd go for the more subtle black (though, honestly, I'm tempted by the gold). But you can't deny that these would lend quite a kick to any outfit, and what else are shoes for than for fun? Ok, so walking and comfort, but that's during the day time. Nighttime is a whole different story... ; ) (link, $109.95)

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