Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Open Letter to All Girls with Bad Posture

Dear Slouchies,

I've been noticing y'all a lot lately as I've been out and about. I've seen you at the beach with your teenage friends, or at the outdoor concert this past weekend... I've even seen you on the red carpet (yes, I'm talking to YOU, Scarlett Johansson). And I have a few words to share with you.

It pains me to see your shoulders all slumped over, your belly sticking out, your body basically looking like a big question mark. I just want to walk up to you and pull your shoulders back. I see you standing like that, and it makes me cringe, for your sake. Do you realize that when you hunch like that it makes your upper back curve forward and look like an old lady with bad osteoperosis? Do you realize that it makes your stomach and hips jut forward, making you appear a good 10lbs heavier than you actually are? Now, I know that many of you are tall, and in your teens/early 20's and so may feel self-conscious about your height. I also know you may feel self-conscious next to your prettier girlfriend. I've been there (not the tall part, but feeling like the dumpier friend of the duo). But you know what? I PROMISE you that if you only straighten up your shoulders and tuck in that tummy, you will look that much more attractive and even feel better, too.

When you slouch, you look uncomfortable. You look unsure of yourself. You look shy. And you look sloppy. When you stand up tall, you exude confidence. Your belly looks flatter. Your back looks regal. People will want to approach you more.

So, please, gals, listen to what your mother told you. Or what all the magazines tell you. Do that trick of imgining the string being pulled up from above your head. Practice it in the mirror, to see what a big difference it makes. I realize posture is a hard habit to change, so ask your friends and family to help remind you if you slip back into your old slouch habits. You'll be doing yourselves (and your backs, which must be very sore by now) a huge favor. Thank you.



Amy said...

Oh my gosh... I need to remember this. I am 5'11" and so grew conditioned to slouching while standing at a young age. And it's carried over to when I sit, too. I catch a glimpse of myself in a reflection at times and just cringe! I need posture help.

Sales Rack Raider said...

Couldn't agree more with how poor posture can ruin everything. I thought that high heels would force people stand upright (it works for me), but apparently there are people who defy gravity and manage not to topple over when they slouch.

Aside from the aesthetics, poor posture can contribute to pesky back problems. It's soooo not worth it...