Friday, September 29, 2006

Ankle Boots

Another growing trend I don't quite understand is the ankle boot. Stars have been wearing this look with everything from shrts to dresses to skinny jeans.

I think it's ugly.

I guess I'm just a firm believer in that boots should be worn under (and be mostly hidden by) your pants. The only exception is knee-high boots, or maybe some of the slouchy boots that have been coming out lately that you tuck your jeans into. But, basically, it needs to come up between mid-calf and knee-high. Otherwise I think they just look... wierd.

Ankle boots cut your legs off at the ankle. This is only ok for those with long legs (who have plenty to spare) but for the rest of us it ain't doing us any favors. Celebrities have been pairing these with otherwise gorgeous cocktail dresses on the red carpet, and the boots just ruin the look of the dress. I can't help but think "ew" every time I see them. And worn with skinny pants... well, we've covered the perils of skinny pants already, I don't think there's a need to go over them again.

So... yeah. Let's just stay away from the ankle boot, shall we?


Sales Rack Raider said...

I agree with you on the part about keeping boots hidden under pants. That said, ankle boots are actually quite versatile for me (I own 2 pairs of them). They're great for days when I don't want to wear pumps with my pants but I still want some height.

I've broken my "ankle boots + pants only" rule a couple of times, and to my surprise, they actually made my legs look longer when I wore miniskirts (and I'm not that tall). I might wear tights with them as it gets colder, but it's not my favorite look, that's for sure.

Anonymous said...

You must have BIG THIGHS to NOT ENJOY skinny pants. You drive me nuts with your entries sometimes!! Ankle boots + Skinny pants = SO FREAKIN' CUTE. I'll link you to a picture.

That's not ugly at all.

Marcy said...

Dear Anonymous,

If my posts annoy you so much, why do you bother to read them?

Please stop leaving obnoxious comments on myu blog, or else I'll have to resort to turning on comment moderation.


themakeupgirl said...

Whoa...look out for the trolls....LOL. Nice anonymous comment. If you are gonna insult her have the guts to show your face so we can talk about you too!! LOL

Okay I don't really like the ankle boot thing either...