Sunday, February 04, 2007

My Apologies

Hey, guys. Sorry for not posting all last week... As you can tell, my postings lately have been... sporadic. Here's the deal-- my husband and I are moving to Switzerland in a few weeks. So we're kind of in the middle of packing, trying to get our stuff sorted out, shipping our things, tying up loose ends, etc etc etc. I've been trying to keep up the blog here but I'm not sure it's quite working.

So I think I'll take the pressure off myself, and just post from time to time, when the inspiration (and time) hits me. Which may mean I post very little for a while.

If anyone out there would like to help pick up the slack and write for this blog, I would love to hear from you. My email is over there on the left.


Saturday, January 27, 2007

Must. Have. These. Shoes.

Ok, so actually I want the grey suede ones I saw at the store today. I think the suede material will be much more soft and flexible (meaning won't cut into my toes the way the patent leather material might). I didn't buy them when I saw them today b/c I have a 10% off coupon for Target and I didn't have it with me at the time (it was an unplanned venture to Target with a friend). But you better believe I'll be going back, possibly tomorrow, and making my purchase then.

These adorable peep-toe platforms are available in black and red shiny patent leather, and suede leopard print (also in suede zebra print and grey, in-store), $29.99. Or click here to see the rest of Target's selection of adorable peep-toe shoes.

Friday, January 26, 2007

M by Madonna

Rumor has it clothing store chain H&M will be unveiling a clothing line later this year designed by Madonna called M by Madonna.

I already adore H&M, and am getting pretty excited about this new line. At right is one of the just-released promo pictures, along with our dear Madge wearing a pair of M by Madonna sunglasses, and some sketches of soon-to-come clothing (click on image to enlarge).

BTW, I totally want those sunglasses.

(thanks, PITNB!)

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Spa Towells

I received a sample in the mail recently of these nifty new Spa Towell towelettes, which are "lightly scented 8” x 8” body moisturizing towelettes drenched with a rich blend of natural oils, antioxidant rich vitamins and moisture attracting humectants that leave skin feeling smoother, softer and more supple."

Intrigued? Well, I was! So I tried one this morning after getting out of the shower. They come in individually wrapped packages, so I opened one up and noted that the towelette did indeed feel like it was loaded with lotion. I slathered the towelette on my legs first, as they usually are the part of my body that needs the most moisture during this time of year. The towelette was a bit awkward to use as I tried to spread the lotion evenly onto my skin, but I think that's a result of it simply being a towelette and would simply require some practice to figure out how to handle it. I was a bit dissappointed to note that most of the lotion seemed to have gotten used up on my legs. You probably need 2 towels to really get your entire body.

The lotion did absorb quickly, with no greasiness. The scent is light, not overpowering as with some scented body lotions. I wouldn't rely on these for everyday use, if nothing else because of the waste of throwing away the towelette each time, but they're brilliant for travel! You could pack them in your carry-on without having to worry about the liquids restrictions.

You can order packs of 10 ($19.95), 20 ($39.95), or 30 ($59.95) towelettes online, or go to the website to find stores near you.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

New Posts at

Check out 2 unbelievably awesome purses I found at Target online, then find out how to save on shipping when buying them! ; )

Beauty Expiration Dates

Courtesy of the February issue of Real Simple magazine:

Your products won’t last forever, but here’s a comprehensive list of cosmetics and how long you can expect to keep them:

Anti-aging and acne treatments: Three months to a year. Antioxidants are easily oxidized, so be on the lookout for any changes in color.

Body lotion: Two to three years, particularly if it’s in a pump container.

Shampoo, conditioner, and shower gel: About three years.

Bath oil: One year.

Sunscreen: Check the package for an expiration date.

Mascara and liquid eyeliner: Three to four months. Make sure you’re diligent about replacing these items to prevent contamination and infections.

Eye and lip pencils: Three to five years. Sharpen them before each use as a way to preserve them and keep them clean.

Lipstick and lip gloss: Two to three years.

Foundation: About two years. Most bottles are designed to last that long. And if you don’t use it, chances are you didn’t love it to begin with.

Perfume: About two years. To get more mileage out of a perfume, resist the temptation to display a pretty bottle on your vanity. Instead, stash it away in a cool, dark place.

Nail polish: One year.

Hairstyling products: Three to five years. Most are alcohol-based, which helps preserve the formula.

Bar soap: Up to three years.

Shaving cream: About two years.

Deodorant: Up to two years.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Swiss Miss!

Hello all, sorry for the lack of posting all last week. I was actually on a trip to Geneva, Switzerland, and things were so crazy before I left that I forgot to post an announcement about it.

However, I can write a short post about one thing I noticed in Switzerland, and I think this is something common throughout Europe-- women seem to wear their hair naturally much more there. I've heard this said before about women in Paris, for example. Here in the states, it seems everyone's gravitating towards this ultra-styled look-- everywhere you look, most women look perfectly blown-out, or with super-straight, sleek styles that can only come from slaving away with a flat iron, or with bouncy, beautiful curling-iron ringlets. It probably stems somewhat from how every movie and sitcom showcases women who seem to wake up every morning looking perfectly groomed. Everyone's hair is styled, and you can always tell.

But in Europe women seem to instead learn how to work with their own hair texture. They don't end up looking like frizzy messes-- instead they embrace their curly or wavy-haired-ness, and get good cuts that seem to suit their hair type. They must find products that make the most of their hair texture, rather than fighting it. Or they find chic ways to wear it up and out of their face, without having to spend hours on their hair.

I must say, I find this somewhat inspiring (and not just because I happen to be flat-iron-less at the moment, after foolishly burning mine out with the wrong type of power adapter). It's a relief to know that it's ok to just wear my hair naturally. This is silly, of course, because really I've always known this, but it does feel like there's pressure here to "do your hair," making one feel as if she's not properly grooming herself otherwise. When other women around you wear their hair in the curls and waves that only come from Mother Nature, it feels more "ok" to allow yourself to do the same. Maybe I should grow my bangs out, instead of continuing to wear a style that dictates the need for straightening them out. Maybe I should invest in a good haircut that will allow me to make the most of my curly hair, rather than fight it most days.

Maybe we should all consider doing the same, and save ourselves the time (and our hair the heat-damage) of everyday styling.

Saturday, January 13, 2007


Last night I was planning on going out to this bar to celebrate friend's birthday. I decided to curl my hair with my curling iron, which I've done several times before. But I seemed to have a hard time getting the curls to really "stick" so, taking a magazine tip I'd recently read, I tried out this new technique: after curling each section of hair I coiled the curl back up and pinned it against my head with a bobby pin (I also sprayed each section with some of my new Paul Mitchell Spray Wax before curling). This only added a couple of seconds each time I curled a strand of hair, and it allows the hair to cool off while still curled. Which, when you think of it, totally makes sense-- when hair's hot or warm it's still very pliable and shapeable, but once it cools the style becomes more "set." This is the reason you use the cold shot button on your hair dryer after drying/styling sections of your hair-- it locks the style in place.

So I went around my whole head spraying, curling, coiling, and pinning (btw, I used a 1" curling iron). After I was done I did my makeup, then took all the bobby pins out. Here's what my hair looked like: (click on each picture to enlarge)

Pretty sweet, huh? =P As I took the pins out the curls almost stayed in place, barely uncoiling (the pictures above are after I shook my hair out a bit). I've never had them turn out so tightly coiled. It actually stayed pretty well curled throughout the night (so much so that one of my friends kept marvelling at it lol). The pictures below are of what my hair looks like this morning, after having slept on it and everything:

This is normally what my hair looks like a couple of hours after curling it, and it's still holding! It's also really nice an bouncy-- even after the wax (and light dustings of hair spray) my hair never felt sticky or hard or anything. I think the coiling helps make the curls look softer and a bit more natural (as opposed to the obvious curling iron ringlet). I think I could just wear my hair out the way it looks now-- I feel like I've got the Jessica Simpson loosely curled bob. ; )

So there ya have it, girls. Feel free to experiment with this at home!