Sunday, January 07, 2007

Paul Mitchell Spray Wax

I've been trying to stay away from buying more hair products, as I already should have any type of hair styling concoction I could ever need. However I recently broke down... While in Austin I went with my sister to get her hair cut. I was watching the guy style her hair, and saw that he was spraying something on her hair before flat-ironing each section. I looked on their shelves for what it was-- Paul Mitchell Spray Wax.($15 at, I got mine at Ulta for $12.95) "Hmm," I thought, "this looks interesting...." I noticed that her hair looked really nice afterwards, her layers looked all separated and piece-y yet still light, moveable, and soft. I couldn't resist, I had to try it for myself. So n my much-anticipated trip to Ulta (I don't have one anywehre close to me here in Cali, so I'm always very excited to go when I'm in Austin) I snagged a bottle.

I used it for the first time on fresh, clean hair the other day-- I sprayed a bit of the wax on sections of my hair before flat-ironing, trying to be careful to hold the bottle a good arm's length away. I noticed that my hands and hair felt a little sticky as I was using it and got a bit worried, but that feeling went away after a few minutes (I guess once the extra wax evaporated?) and I was left with really smooth, piece-y hair. The true test? I had 3 different friends tell me they really liked me hair that day. =) Woot! I've liked using waxes and pastes in the past, but sometimes it feels like they're better suited for short hair, and can be a bit too goopy. This spray wax gives a lighter application that's easier for the rest of us to use. Next, I'll have to try it with a curling iron... I wonder what kind of hold it'll give curls, and if it could be a less-sticky alternative to hair spray? hmm... ; )


Anonymous said...

Why are you buying more stuff? That just means you'll have more stuff to pack! Bad, bad Marcy!


Tsk, tsk, tsk...

Brooklyn said...

That is great! With my short choppy hair I am always looking for new "waxish" stuff! Now I know what my next purchase is going to be!

gwendomike said...

Do you have any trouble getting the wax out when you shampoo? If not, what kind of shampoo are you using b/c I love the stuff but can't seem to get the wax completely out!

Anonymous said...

My hair stylist tried the Paul Mitchell Spray Wax on my short croppy hair 2 days ago - 8 shampoos, lemon juice, and a 40-min. Malibu hair treatment does not take this wax out of my hair. It feels like I have bees wax in my hair and I still cannot get it out. I would definitely NOT recommend this product!!

Anonymous said...

I have been using PMs spray wax for months and have had NO problems getting it out. I use very 'clean' shampoos - meaning for sensible scalp/not soapy/no perfume/etc... Have NEVER had a problem getting it out of my hair - not even when my hair dresser used it for my wedding in HUGE amounts! :-)

LOVE it!

Anonymous said...

As long as you spray a fine mist and don't over do it, you are not left with a waxy look or feeling to your hair. It is super simple to get it out with regular everyday hair washing. No special shampoos or anything. I love this stuff. Definitely worth it!

Anonymous said...

The only way this stuff comes out of your hair with one shampoo is if you barely use any at all... My boyfriend used some to try to spike his hair and he has washed it 4 times now and it will not come out at all!!!

meraldesigns said...

my hairdresser used it on my hair, and my hair looked great, everybody said so, i am happy to hear that ulta sells it. i will purchase a bottle asap....

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