Friday, January 12, 2007

Simply Adorable

I was on a mission today to find a new purse, something smaller than what I currently have (which is huge and, though I love it, its size encourages me to throw everything but the kitchen sink inside, meaning my left shoulder's seriously considering ceceding from my body), and maybe something with a long strap that I can sling accross my body. While on this search, I found this incredibly adorable and oh-so-cute clutch at Old Navy ($12.50). And I wanted it. But I didn't get it. Perhaps next time... However if you're looking for a new going-out purse, go check this baby out. It's very slim, but b/c of its length it can hold a cell phone, slim camera, and your ID and keys. Perfect? Just about. It's also available in black with a black ribbon, for those of you that want a more subdued purse. ; )

What did I buy? Well, I happened by this cute little number from Target that I just had to have (for $14.99). Why? Because it just so happens to match my black and white mary janes that I bought a while back, and that I plan on wearing out tonight along with my black and white polka dotted headband. The outfit just came to me as I looked at this cute little purse, and now I'm very excited about it. I like the silver buckle on this purse, it looks like a more modern take on the Fendi buckle trend that's taken over Hollywood lately.

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE that purse!!! THe outfit sounds awesome, with the shoes and headband!!! I'm so upset I didn't get those shoes... darn my once-a-month paycheck! >:(