Tuesday, September 05, 2006

My Favorite Work-Out Pants

I have 2 pairs of Victoria's Secret's Yoga Pants (one solid colored, one side-stripe). They are my FAVORITE work-out pants. They're soft, they fit well, and they're flattering. They come in an array of colors and 3 different styles (there's also the fold-over style to choose from) and cost only $29, which considering VS prices isn't bad at all.

VS also offers a cropped yoga pant (in solid, and fold-over) for $25. I'm thinking of getting one or 2 of the cropped pants, since it'll still be warm enough here for a while to wear outside, and to/from the gym.

We all know it's important to work out-- it's good for your body, and it's good for your soul (helps releive stress, etc). I like to use cute work-out clothes as extra motivation. These pants have become a staple in my gym wardrobe, fitting and feeling so much better than other styles I've bought most other places for the same price range.

PS- Use the offer code FA63241 at check-out to get free shipping on orders of $100 and over. This offer code is valid through Oct 20 2006 (though I find you can get this offer, one way or another, just about any time).

Also, VS has implemented this super-neat system where they send you a prepaid return stamp in case you need to return any item in your order. Just stick it on an envelope and when they recieve your return they'll charge you $4.95 for shipping. No need to stop by the Post Office to buy postage for the package!

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