Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Forever 21... revisited

I haven't been inside Forever 21 in a while. usually the store almost seems a bit schizophrenic to me-- so much stuff all over the place, it's hard to see what's really there and it takes a while to pick through it all. But today my sister and I went up to San Francisco and stopped by the Forever 21 store off Market street, and oh my lord it was wonderful. I was entranced by the jewelry. The best part? It's all uber-cheap (as in $3-$6 each for their necklaces, earrings, etc). So, if it breaks after wearing it a couple times you still totally got your money's worth. ; )

There were a LOT of dressy tops that had the high-neck, puffy-sleeve style to them. At first I kinda turned my nose at them, but then my sister tried a bunch on and they actually looked way cute on her. Case in point, one of the tops I saw on the hanger in her dressing room I immeidately thought "ew" but when it was on her it looked adorable. I'm not sure I could pull that look off myself, but I think I may have to take an extended trip on my own to Forever 21 sometime soon where I'll just take stuff off the rack and try it just to see what it looks like.

(sorry for no pictures, but I can't get images off the Forever 21 website)

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Anonymous said...

yeah... you should all of them. sometimes they are not what you're thinking. sometimes you can find treasure island with 10 dollars.