Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Fall Into Old Navy Sweaters

Fall is approaching. It's still fairly warm here in California, but I am noticing the evenings and mornings getting cooler. I think we still have a few months left before it's time to pull out the winter sweaters, but that doesn't mean I can't start shopping now... ; )

Old Navy has a very cute collection of new sweaters for the season. Here's a sampling of a few that caught my eye :

I think this kimono-sleeved sweater ($26.50) may be my favorite. I just really like the style. It comes in several colors, too, though I really like this plum shade. It'd be kinda interesting to layer this over a long-sleeved shirt... hmm....

The V-neck sweater ($24.50)... a bit of a classic. I'm not sure how low the neckline goes, you could potentially wear this alone (or, well, with a nice push-up bra underneath) for a conservative-yet-still-naughty going-out look, or layered over a tank top for a more cutesy look. I have a couple sweaters in this style that I wear over and over all winter long. This one comes in 7 different colors, so I may need to stock up on some more.

I think this metallic hooded sweater ($34.50) looks like a cute casual look. I'm curious to see what it looks like in person, though. I'm not sure I want the "metallic" part to be too obvious. It's also a bit more pricey... we'll see. It also comes in gray and dark brown.

Another good, simple option-- the long henley sweater ($26.50). I like the longer length, and it looks nice and cozy for wearing around, without being bulky. The colors are pretty basic (dark brown, camel, white, black) so it'd be fun to open up the buttons and wear a brith-colored tank underneath it.

I've found that I really like a lot of the sweaters that Old Navy comes out with each fall. I may wait till some of these go on sale... though with Old Navy you never really know what's gonna still be around in 2 weeks and what will be gone. Check out OldNavy.com to see the rest of their sweaters.


miss e. said...

my boyfriend and i always get in little arguments about old navy because way back when i was an old navy size 4 (2001... i still have the jeans to prove it) i went in to get another pair of jeans. alas, the size four was eight times too big for me (and i had neither gained nor lost weight since wearing the 4) and so since then i have not held old navy in the highest regard because of their inflated sizes... occasionally i'll try on one of my sister's old navy shirts (which are usually size s or xs) and they just...don't...fit...right. have you had a similar experience with old navy or is it just me?

Anonymous said...

I believe that might be just yourself. I, for one, am in love with Old Navy clothing.