Friday, August 18, 2006

The Tank

Tank tops are one of my favorite items of clothing. They are simple and low-key, yet can be incredibly versatile and flattering. They are the ultimate wardrobe staple. And even a plain ole combo of jeans and a tank top can be dressed up and chic'ed out when the right jewelry and accessories are added.

Two of my favorite places to buy your basic tank top are Target and Old Navy. Target's Juniors Mossimo Long and Lean tank top is a steal at $6.99 (picture above, click here to see a limited selection of colors online, I usually see tons more in the store). Target also offers the FormFit tank top (in the underwear section). I believe these usually come in packages of 2 for about $6-$8, either in white or some combination of white, black, and grey. They're a really great basic tank, and since they're so cheap you can build up a whole back-up wardrobe of them so you don't have to live in fear of stains. I have one in white and gray, and need to go back and get a few more.

Old Navy has their Perfect Fit tank tops, now in a longer length. I adore these tank tops and have several-- the fit is great, especially the longer ones (I was never fan of their tank tops until they introduced their longer length ones, now I have about 4). And they come in a bazillion colors. These usually cost about $8.50, or $7.50 when you buy 2 or more. Right now certain colors (purple iris, creamy orange, and carribean blue) are on sale for just $4.50!

I'm loving that tanks are coming in longer lengths now, usually about midway down the hips. It's a great length for those of us with shorter torsos.... and those of us who are fond of low-rise jeans (the long tops help hide any accidental panty-peek). It also allows you to play with current trends such as tying a scarf or belt around your natural waist (which only looks right if you're wearing a longer top). You can wear your tank alone, or layered over another one in a matching or contrasting color. It can be worn with jeans and flip flops, of with a skirt and cute heels. I've even seen them worn underneath a skimpier top or dress. They're like a great blank canvas that you can built whole outfits around!

I think you can see why I like them so much. ; )

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