Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Let Me See That Thong

I am a thong girl. I even wear thongs with my jeans, in order to avoid the panty lines. Over the years I've done some informal research on different kinds of thongs, trying to figure out the most comfortable ones.

I tried cutesy thongs from trendy stores, I tried cheapy cotton thongs from Target, pretty lacy ones, etc. Some were comfortable, some were not, some would seem great untill I had to sit for extended periods of time in a class or plane ride and choose those times to become incredibly uncomfortable...

Then I came accross Victoria's Secret PINK cotton thongs ($7.50 ea, or 5/$25). I forget why I tried them initially, probably because of the cute prints and also how soft the fabric felt-- always promising. I've tried both their classic thong and their v-string thong now, and I have to say... I will wear no other thongs now. These are the most comfortable ones I have ever worn, and there will be no turning back. I've even worn them on long (5+ hr) flights and felt nothing. I realize every woman's body is different so these may not work for everyone... but they arew honestly the most comfortable thong I have ever tried. I've even tried out other Victoria's Secret thongs (like their Body by Victoria collection) and been dissappointed. These are it for me-- they're adorable and come in a ton of different colors and patterns, they're super comfortable, they're cotton (good for your nether-regions), and they're still relatively inexpensive.

So, next time you're out shopping for some new underwear, be sure to pop into Victoria's Secret and check these out. I don't think you'll be dissappointed.


Amy said...

I swear by Barely There thongs - don't even know you're wearing them and they keep my tummy area feeling all tucked in and secure.

Marcy said...

Really? Where are those sold? I might be curious to try them. =)