Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Lady in Red, Pt 2

I recently wrote about my red lips find from Target. Well, I got to test them out last saturday night. The hubby and I met some friends to go see a screening of Casablanca at a fun old-style movie theatre and I decided to look the part, complete with the bold red lips.

I did the full routine-- lined and filled in my lips with the red lip liner first, then used a lip brush to paint on the red lipstick. I found the brush didn't give me quite a strong a color, but oh well. At this point in the process I gently blotted with a kleenex and then separated 1 ply of the 2-ply kleenex I was using and held it up to my lips and I dusted powder over it (this is a trick I've read about before to give lipstick more staying power). Then I added another layer of red lipstick and topped it off with a bit of the gloss. If I may say so myself, my lips looked pretty fabulous by this point. ; )

I wasn't sure how long the color would last, so I packed the lipstick and gloss tubes with me in my purse. The movie started at 5:30pm and we wanted to get there early to buy tickets, so we left around 4:30. We were a bit hungry after getting the tickets so we stopped to get a slice of pizza. After eating my pizza and drinking my soda (through a straw) I went to the bathroom to check on my lips. Some of the color towards the center of my mouth had worn off a bit, so I reapplied the lipstick alone and was off again.

We made the movie (which was fabulous, I love Casablanca) and afterwards went out for a proper dinner. After dinner was over I checked my lips again. Again, a lot of the color had worn off, so I reapplied the lipstick and added a bit of gloss on top as well.

After dinner we went for a coffee nearby, and then went home before too long. My lips actually still looked nice and fresh at that point.

Bottom line: Red is a very high-maintenance color. But it is quite fun to wear, so if you want to brave it be sure to bring extras with you and a mirror (I kept wishing for a compact the whole evening, I didn't have a mirror with me!). I liked this lipstick combination, it wasn't drying and I liked the color, even if the staying power isn't perfect (is it ever?).

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