Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Almay Skincare

While on a trip to Target this morning, I noticed another great deal among the beauty aisles– sets of the Almay Skincare 1-2-3 products (cleanser, toner, and moisturizer), for dry, oily, or normal/combination skin, sold in a cute little case for $18.99!

This face care system seems to be modeled after Clinique’s popular (and much more expensive) 3-step skin care system. The 3 steps (cleanse, tone/exfoliate, moisturize) are meant to be used together, twice a day, for maximum results.

If you were to buy each of these items separately you’d pay close to $30 (and the Clinique version costs almost $50), but at Target you can get all 3 for under $20! I have not actually tried these products so can't vouch for them, but if you're looking for a new skincare regimen this may be a good time to try it (and, hey, if you save that receipt you can always take it back if you don't like it). ; )


The Glamour Bee said...

I've seen the ads for their new skincare line. I hadn't thought about them being molded after Clinique. Interesting. Thanks for the tip!

jackie said...

the cleanser and toner are comparable $$-wise to clinique's, when you look at ounce-per-ounce (clinique's facial soap is $14.50 but for 6.7 ounces, and toner is $11 for 6.7 oz.). although clinique's moisturizer is about twice the price per ounce than almay's. but still, great deal if you can buy them all together for less than $20!! and you save gas getting it at target.