Tuesday, August 08, 2006


No, I have not lost my mind. I realize Crocs are not exactly a fashion accesory, but bear with me for a bit here...

I remember when I first saw Crocs beginning to appear... my father-in-law (not exactly a fashion connoiseur) was among the first people I saw sporting them. I remember looking at them and thinking "How the heck are those comfortable?!?"

The fad grew... The shoe advertised as an ugly, yet still desireable, kept growing in popularity. And last week, after months and months of resisting, I finally got a pair (the lovely orange ones pictures above). I even got a couple of those cute adornments you can stick into the holes ( a bee and ladybug, purchased at Nordstroms, $2 each).

I have to admit-- these shoes are super comfy. They're like flip flops, except they cover more of your foot and are more secure. Now, a good fashionista may still recoil at the thoughts of wearing these out in public, but for those of us who on occasion are outdoorsy girls I tell you these shoes are a must!

  • They're comfortable.
  • They can get wet, so you can use them when going swimming anywhere you wouldn't want your feet to touch the bottom (like on a lake, etc).
  • They float, so if one comes off in the water they'll be easy to find and retrieve.
  • They cover your toes, so you won't stub them on a rock.
  • With the back strap down, they stay on your feet really well and feel stable.
  • With the strap up (worn clog-style) they're super fast and easy to slip on and off.
  • They're super light to carry, and are the perfect camp shoe for when camping or even backpacking.
  • The tread on the bottom is really good (I wore mine this past weekend while walking on big rocks and even on a super steed area, at least 45 degree slope, they gripped really well and never slipped).

My husband recently spent a lot more money on fancy sandals that he can wear in the water and that cover and protect your toes, and he's been having a lot of trouble breaking them in. I started telling him this week that maybe he should just get a pair of Crocs ($29-$34) instead.


bee said...

Heyyyyy -- you post-dated this! It's not yet 9:24 ay-em! ;) (s'ok, I do it, too.)

But what I wanted to say was...

I KNEW you were going to link to the Keen's -- I saw a bitchin' pair and kinda wanted 'em. They were slightly different, though, more like a flip flip with a covered toe. Pretty rad!

I don't think I'll be a Croc convert anytime soon, though. My sisters bf swears by them! :0

Sales Rack Raider said...

So that's why everyone are wearing them! I don't really do any trekking through the woods or around the lake, so I won't be getting a pair anytime soon, but it's good to know.

Thanks for telling me about Blogger pictures uploading tricks. Yay for learning new things!

Anonymous said...

Crocs are good for all weather. I am now officially a Crocs Man after holding out. they are accessories and I wish they would soon come out with Accessory Crocs that have some nice bling bling on them.