Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The Devil Wears Prada

I went and saw this movie with a friend this afternoon, and as a movie that comprises so much about fashion (even if it is high fashion which I never talk about here) I thought I'd talk a bit about it. The movie itself was cute. Normally these kinds of movies seem to dreadfully predictable to me, but I honestly was not entirely sure which way this one was gonna go at the end. Overall, entertaining. Especially since I adore Anne Hathaway. I remember when she was Get Real, a sitcom that lasted about 2 seconds, back when I didn't even know who she was. The there were the Princess Diary movies which, yes, incredibly cheesy, but she was so cute and adorable and honest and real that I instantly liked her. I'm really glad she's jumped into the world of grown-up-people movies (Brokeback Mountain, Devil) and may make a good career for herself. She really was a big driving force in me wanting to see this movie.

I thought she did a great job in this movie. Her actions, feelings, and motivations were believable, and she was relatable. Her hair and makeup looked gorgeous the whole time. However I noticed something about the clothes, the glamorous high-fashion clothes she was wearing. She seemed...awkward in them. The clothes were wearing her, instead of the other way around. Maybe it's b/c she's still getting comfortable with herself as an actress. Maybe it's b/c I envision her as more of a laid-back kinda gal. Maybe it was part of the movie, to show that she never really "fit in" with that crew.... I don't know. But it seemed to me that, on all the other fashionistas in the movie, their clothes seemed an extension of their bodies. With Anne, they seemed like something she was wearing for a part, but not really her thing.

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