Sunday, June 25, 2006


I remember first seeing these Victoria's Secret PINK logo sweats in the catalogues. My first impression was that they were... silly. Cute sweats? What? No.

Then I kept seeing them, in catalogue after catalogue. They began to intrigue me. As ridiculous as it may seem to wear ankle-length sweatpants hiked up as capris, I couldn't help think that they also looked kinda cute. Yet I continued to struggle with whether they were worth paying the money, did I really need them, etc etc etc.

Eventually I gave in (they were on sale, online). And now my favorite article of clothing to lounge around the house in are my obnoxiously yellow PINK logo sweats.

We all have our vices. ; )

This pair is currently available for $21, in pink, yellow, and blue. Slightly different styles, in different colors and with slight variations in price, are available at

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Cupcake Queen said...

I gave in to the Pink sweatpants trend, too. I tried to stay away because they reminded me so much of those horrid sweatpants with "Juicy" written on the butt. However, the catalogs made these sweatpants irresistible!