Friday, June 02, 2006

My Pyramid

Part of beauty care is taking care of your health. If you don't eat right or exercise, your skin and hair will look dull and listless, and your energy level will be zip.

With all the zillions of different "diets" out on the market right now it can be tough to figure out a balance of what foods to eat to get all your nutriets and be healthy. Outdated food pyramids told you to eat gigantic amounts of different food groups that seemed nearly impossible to attain!

Well, the USDA has wised up and created this nifty little online website that will help you find the right balance in your diet, give you tips on what kinds of foods are best to eat and in what ratios, and also help you figure out those tricky portion sizes. If you're dieting, they even have daily worksheets you can print out, or you can use their online program that archives your food intake minus your daily excercise to let you know how you're doing and how to improve your routine. Pretty genius, I'd say.

To get started simply go to and enter your age, sex, and the amount of excercise you get on most days. You'll be presented with a personalized food pyramid based on your personal needs. print it out and post somewhere as a daily reminder, or use one of their multiple tools to help get your healthy eating habits developed. Good luck, and cheers! =)

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