Friday, June 23, 2006

Love of Ganesha

Ok, so this is a local review. Love of Ganesha is a cute little store in Haight-Ashbury (in Sam Francisco) that I discovered on my very first trip to that vintage hip mecca. The store is owned by a Thai family, and have all sorts of cute clothes from ethnic tunics and belly-dancer gear to just simply adorable skirts and jewelry. The women who work there are always very sweet. On that first trip I bought a green patterned skirt and a blue striped top with bell sleeves, and each time I have worn either garment I have recieved numerous compliments. I try to hit this place us every time I'm in that area.

The store itself is located on the corner of Page St and Ashbury St, 1 block north of the Haight-Ashbury intersection.

As an interesting aside, Ganesha is a Hindu god that has the head of an elephant and the body of a pot-bellied human. As I understand it, he is the keeper (and dispenser) of good fortune. I think he's kinda cute. =P

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