Thursday, June 29, 2006


I believe it was last summer sometime that I discovered the first pair of pointy-toed shoes that I ever actually liked. Before then, they'd always seemed to simply make my feet look huge. They looked very cute on other people, but I had resolved that they would not be for me.

Then I found my Payless shoes. They were a pair of kitten-heel, pointy-toed black shoes with a keyhole at the toe. SO CUTE. They were even on sale, I believe, for $10. My darling husband immediately dubbed them my Witch Shoes. But I LOVED them. So much that since last summer I have worn off the heels. They were perfect-- totally comfortable and practical, yet lent an instant kick of fabulous to any outfit.

You can see why I was so devastated at finding out recently that the heels on my beloved shoes were so worn out that I simply could not wear them anymore (when I did I started slipping around all over the place on the cracked heel). =(

You can also probably sense my intense joy when, while browing this morning, I found these shoes. A bit more simple, but still almost identical to my originals. I am ecstatic. Unfortunately I have already reached the limit of this week's budget (it's come to this now). But the new week begins friday, and you better believe I'll be at my nearest Payless ShoeSource on friday morning, ready to bring home my new favorite shoes.


bee said...

I know of a GREAT place to take shoes to get repaired, near Valley Fair, called the Cobbler's Bench. They've replaced many a heel for me on shoes I just couldn't part with. They also repair luggage, purses, etc.
Above all, they're reasonable, especially for stuff that you're not ready to replace!

Sales Rack Raider said...

My favorite pair of shoes came from Payless too, and they were also on sale for $10. I wore them all the time for 3 years or so until I found a huge crack across the sole. I was so sad to have to toss them, and I haven't been able to find cheap replacements.