Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Yippie Fashions

Urban Outfitters has always puzzled me as a store. It caters to "hippie" type fashions, the retro-hip crowd, those too busy living freely to worry about things like jobs or money. However, Urban Outfitters gear is actually fairly pricey. Therefore, those who actually shop there are really what I like to call "yippies." They are the young hippies who come from good families and go to good schools and will eventually become tomorrow's yuppies. It's the people who are willing to pay $40 for a shirt looks like it should've cost $1 at that thrift store. Except you can actually find that cool shirt in your size.

Now, this may seem like I'm ragging on Urban Outfitters a bit, and I guess I am. Does that astop me from shopping there? Of course not. They have the softest-feeling t-shirts ever! My current favorite t-shirt ("I am the Lorax, I speak for the trees!") was purchased lovingly from UO by my husband, when I was too cheap to buy it for myself. And, most recently, I found a whole barrage of fantabulous necklaces there that I'm very much in love with.

This adorable angel wings necklace is available in gold- and silver-tone. I'm normally not a gold jewelry person, but it just didn't look right to me in silver so I got the gold-toned version. Unfortunately the links on this necklace aren't closed very well and scratch at your neck a bit (if you're gonna charge $18 for a necklace at least make sure it's gonna be comfortable!). This dissappointed me greatly when I tried to wear it this morning but decided I could not deal with the discomfort. However before taking it back I will try to see if I can maybe attach it to a different gold chain (a jewelry-making friend might be able to assist me in this endeavor). I also got a similar necklace in silver-tone with lighting bolts as the charms, which I wore yesterday and didn't seem to bother me as much. There are also, of course, matching angel wing and lighting bolt earrings. For more cute necklaces, click here.

I also adored each of these earrings:

The keepsake drop earrings are just too precious, while the blue-and-green marble filligree hoops are very ethnic chic.

And then there's this:

They call it the spiffy spot ring, which I think is pretty appropriate. I just now found it online, it seems to be a web exclusive, and I just adore it. I guess I'm just into the whole obnoxiously-huge-ring thing. ; )

(All photos courtesy of Urbn.com)

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