Saturday, May 20, 2006

Gel Eyeliner

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Several months ago a friend of mine hooked a bunch of us up with tickets to a make-up show at Nordstroms. In addition to watching a show on the runway of the latest and coolest make-up products, we also each got to have a make-over. Mine was at the Bobbi Brown counter. The make-over was ok, but my biggest take-away was the eyeliner they used-- it was this awesome, funky new (relatively?) gel eyeliner that comes in a pot.

Now, as a daytime item it will never replace my trusty pencil liner. However, it is absolutely brilliant for a nighttime, more dramatic effect. Like many other girls out there, I just never mastered the art of liquid eyeliner. I've tried, I've practiced, but it just never ever worked for me.

This gel liner gives you the look of liquid liner, BUT with much easier application. I went ahead and bought their Ultra Fine Eyeliner Brush that allows you to make the line as fine (or thick) as you want. And this stuff really doesn't budge. I have the Bobbi Brown liner in Black Ink, and I also later went and tried out the MAC version (Fluidline Liner) in Dipdown (a brown shade). I am tempted to go back and experiment with some of the funkier colors that each line has, including some pretty sparkly colors. I'll have to check the bank account first, though... ; )

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