Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Sunless Tanners

So, now that we've established the importance of keeping clear of unprotected sun exposure and even found a wonderful sunscreen to use to achieve this goal, what are we to do about still being able to sport that lovely tan we all love to have? Because, let's face it, as much as we try to be proud of our healthy white skin, we all know a nice tan is incredibly flattering. Here's a few options for sunless tanners that I've tried over the years:

Neutrogena Build-A-Tan Gradual Sunless Tanning Lotion

I've always been a bit weary of sunless tanners, so the first one I tried last year as I began experimenting with these products was this gradual tanner, which gives you a subtle tan with each application that you can build up to being as dark as you wish. At first, I loved this stuff-- I used it after every shower and within a week had a nice glow. However I also started noticing wierd streaks.... It seemed I had a hard time putting it on my arms without getting odd lines. I couldn't figure it out. Also, it smelled kinda wierd. After a few weeks of using it I got tired of smelling like that all the time and was ready to try something new....

Neutrogena Instant Bronze Sunless Tanner and Bronzer In One Foam

The bronzer was nice because I could see exactly where I had put it, and if I'd missed any spots. Plus I had the instant gratification of a golden tan, without having to wait for the sunless tanner to "take." However, when I took a shower the next day the bronzer washed off.... and there was no residual tan left. I continued to try it a couple more times, to see if it needed to "build on itself" but still nothing.... As soon as the bronzer came off, I was back to my natural color. Quite dissappointing.

My latest attmept/discovery is this:

Dove Energy Glow Daily Moisturizer with Subtle Self Tanners Lotion

I've been totally loving Dove's new ad campaign and so have been supporting them more by buying their products more often. I was recently at Target and looking at the latest batch of body lotions with tanners mixed in and decided to go for this one. I didn't have very high expectations. I used it twice during the week after buying it, and then was pleasantly surprised to find that over the weekend I actually had quite a nice golden glow, that looked completely natural and streak-free! It also doesn't seem to have the same smell issues as Neutrogena's tanning lotion did. I like this stuff too b/c you basically use it as you would regular body lotion-- which means you can put it on anytime during the day (you do have to give it a couple minutes to dry) instead of having to wait till after you've showered and exfoliated. So far, I have been happy. We'll see how long it lasts... ; )

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