Wednesday, May 10, 2006


I remember when I first heard about this new line of make-up, which was to be sold exclusively at Kohl's stores. One of 3 new beauty-product lines being launched (American Beauty and Good Skin being the other 2, later joined by Grassroots as well), Flirt! products claimed to have a variety of hot new make-up buys, in wide, youthful and hip color ranges.

When a Kohl's opened up just a few blocks away, I just had to check them out. =P

Now, I've always been a drugstore make-up gal, a big fan of L'Oreal and Revlon. Flirt! products (at about $10 a pop) are still a *bit* higher on my normal price scale for mek-up items. However, living now in California where even a tube of Revlon lipgloss costs me $7-$8, paying $10 for a products that looks cuter, has different colors, and that I can actually try out before buying isn't that big of a jump.

So, let's move on to my favorite Flirt! products.....

Look of Love Eye Pencil

I adore this stuff. The eyeliner glides on smoothly and easily, and is perfectly smudgeable. I've been wearing their Purple Rain color (more like a raisin or dark burgundy color than bright purple) every day for the past, um, ever. I actually just the other day had to buy a new pencil b/c my old one was getting too short to sharpen anymore. I'm sort of make-up ADD so the fact that I used a make-up item long enough to run out and need to buy a replacement says a LOT! I also have it in Licorice Delight for a darker evening look, and Ice Pixie.

Dreamy Eyes Eyeshadow

All of Flirt!'s eyeshadow colors seem to have a nice shimmery quality, without being obnoxiously so. They also seem to have pretty good staying power. My favorite so far is Honey Lemonade, a cheery yet subdued yellow shade that's perfect for spring and summer. My only complaint about this eyeshadow is the packaging, which doesn't allow you to see which compact is which color very easily, though things like that can be worked around.

Squeeze Me Super Shiny Lipgloss

I am a lipgloss fiend. I am addicted to lipgloss. I've always preferred to use a bit of lip liner + lipgloss over wearing lipstick when possible. The first item in Flirt!'s line that got me was their lipgloss. I LOVE this stuff. It's perfectly shiny, it comes in all sorts of super-fun colors, and each has a nice, fun scent that's just subtle enough. Their Zippy Ginger shade was my signature lipgloss for several months. I also love some of their brighter shades, like Fruitalicious. Even the bright shades are sheer enough to be totally wearable.

Rollerblush Portable Blush Paper

Now, this last one, I will admit, is one of those products that grabs me more than anything b/c of its packaging. I mean, LOOK at it! How cool is that?!? In practice it's not the most practical of products, I guess..... it can be a bit awkward figuring out how to hold the paper so as to apply it to your cheeks the best way. But then again it's small, it's portable, and it works well enough.... =P I have it in Peach Glimmer and when I feel like switching over from my usual rosy-pink blush I'll use it to give me an oh-so-slightly shimmery peach glow.


Mary Anna said...

There's a reason Flirt!'s cosmetics look like MAC products...they're owned by the same parent company, Estee Lauder.

So basically, it's MAC products for less!

Great blog!

bee said...

I recently discovered the Grassroots line -- love it!