Monday, May 22, 2006

My Favorite Shadow

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I am still very much upset that there are no Ulta stores close by me here in Cali. It's usually one of my must-see stops when I go home to Austin to visit the fam. One of the things I love about Ulta is their Ulta brand of make-up, particularly their eyeshadows. They have TONS of absolutely gorgeous colors available for testing and playing around with, and the best part is that almost every time I go there they have a 2-for-1 special going on. This means I can buy 2 eyeshadows for $6.50. That is friggin sweet.

My current go-to eyeshadow is pictured above, Lustre. It's always kinda hard to tell from a computer picture, but this color is absolutely fantabulous. It's a shimmery gold, which I never thought I would like this much. The thing about it is it's not obnoxiously or even obviously gold-toned when it's on. It's actually very subtle, simply giving me enough shimmer on my eyelids to enhance and bring focus up to my eyes (especially when paired with my current favorite eyeliner, Flirt!'s Look of Love Eyeliner Pencil in Purple Rain). It's the perfect look for a subtle-and-natural-yet-still-sexy summer look.


Sales Rack Raider said...

I knew nothing about Ulta until my makeup-artist friend introduced the brand to me. Can't wait to try some of their products! Thanks for the review!

bee said...

It's not exactly "close by," but there's one at the Serramonte Mall in South SF.