Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Summer Essentials

We've already covered your most important summer essential (sunblock), so what about some of the other must-have items for a killer summer?

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Maybe it's my southern-girl roots, but to me a good ole broken-in straw cowboy hat (or, as a friend of mine called it once: a "ten times hotter" hat, as it made the girl wearing it automatically seem to be 10 times hotter... he's a southern boy, too, btw) is always in style. It looks cute, it protects you from the sun, and it's a great cover-up for when you just don't want to mess with your hair. The hat in the picture is from and costs $19.99. Target also has a few styles online here.

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Another essential is a good pair of sunglasses. I recently bought myself 2 pairs of those oversize, squared-off sunglasses sort of like the ones Denise Richards has been sporting around (except that mine are from Target and hers are, like designer somebody). Now, I'm usually a girl who hates wearing sunglasses because I was convinced that I looked funny in them. Anbd they somehow always sat on my face slightly crooked. But I have been wearing these 2 pairs non-stop (I keep 1 pair in my purse at all times, and the other in the car for driving). The best thing about the oversized trend-- they actually keep the sun out of your eyes! Fantabulous. And even better is that virtually every pair of sunglasses out there nowadays has 99%-100% protection against UVA/UVB rays, to help keep your eyes healthy and strong. Target has a pretty great variety of sunglasses (in this style and various others) along with some very cute cases to tote them in.

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This is possibly my favorite summer essential: flipflops. I would live in flipflops every day if I could. By fall when I finally have to start actually wearing sdhoes than encase my feet, they tend to feel claustrophobic and constrained.... My staple has tended to be Old Navy flipflops. They're comfortable, they're cheap, they've lasted me for years, and they come in just about every color imaginable. I've also been very loyal to my Locals, which are still alive and kicking (though less enthusiastically as they first did) after almost 3 years of use. I bought mine while in Hawaii visiting a friend that lived there. Apparently you can now buy them online, for about twice the retail price, but then again it's still cheaper than the cost iof flying to Hawaii which is the only other way to get them really. Other than Ebay. You can get anything off Ebay these days.

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I recently bought this pair of Teva flipflops, as I've lately been becoming more aware of the fact that sometimes feet need cushioning.. and arch support.... They're pretty comfy, the heels are very squishy which feels wierd at first but kinda cool. I didn't even realize how much support they really do give me untill, after wearing them for an entire weekend, I slipped back into another pair of flip flops and noticed the difference. I'm considering now also trying to find a pair of Reef flipflops in brown. I know lots of people who absolutely love their Reefs.

Clearly, there are a few other summer essentials... The perfect lipgloss, a good swimsuit cover-up, that perfect beach tote. But I may have to leave those for another post... =P

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bee said...

I'm one of the folks that adore my Reefs -- I currently rotate between three pairs!