Thursday, October 19, 2006

Cover Girl Lash Exact Mascara

I've been hearing so much about this amazing new mascara (and brush) by Cover Girl-- the brush is apparently made from a different type of plastic and desgined so that it's virtually impossible to get clumps on your lashes. Really?? hmmm. A quick google search found many raves, but also a few angry rants about this product. Well, there's noyl one way to find out whether this beauty breakthrough really is as fantastic as everyone claims it is!

The verdict? I'm in love! My lashes looks long and luscious (my sister has commented on my mile-long lashes each time I've used it). I have gotten a couple teensy clumps, but nothing like with most thick, lenthening mascaras. I kept staring at my lashes all day long yesterday, amazed at how long and natural they looked. And I haven't had any flaking or eye irritation, which has been a problem with other mascaras. This may replace my trusty Neutrogena Lash Tint as my daily mascara... (and that says a lot).

Cover Girl Lash Exact is available at for $6.89. I'm telling you, gals... this stuff is worth trying.


DISCOM said...

Okay so I took you at your word and went and found the mascara. I have to admit ..... IT IS AMAZING!!!! Thank you for the kick ass review that got me to go and try it !!!

Amy said...

I went and bought this after reading your review, too. LOVE IT. I'm blogging about it today, in fact. Thanks for posting about this!

bee said...

I bought this last week (before reading your post, obvsl) because it was one of Allure's top products. I was definitely skeptical, as the tried-and-true Maybelline Great Last mascara that everyone raves about is just awful on me.
I even made a special trip to Target to get it! And I have to is really, really good. Like, excellent. I'm glad you and your readers agree. :)