Friday, October 06, 2006

Make-Up Remover on the Go

This is brilliant!!

Every time I travel I debate whether I should throw my eye-makeup remover in with my toiletries, but I usually decide not to-- the bottle is bulky, I have nothing else to put just a few day's worth of the solution in, etc. So I figure I'll just have to make my face wash do double duty for the weekend (or however long I'm travelling). Which usually means that I end up with hard-to-remove mascara smudges under my eyes the morning after a big night.

Well, now I'm gonna have to get my hands on these travel makeup remover wipes ($4.50- $5 at from Brittish company girl2go! They come in 2 different packs, containing 10 and 15 wipes each, and are said to "deep clean at the same time they soothe and repair skin with lavender and allantoin, a healing, moisturizing agent, which stimulates healthy tissue formation."
Sounds pretty sweet, huh? Perfect for tossing in my travel bag, and I'll finally be able to wear heavy makeup while travelling without having to worry about fighting raccoon eyes the next morning!


Cheri said...

How CONVENIENT!! Being able to CARRY MAKEUP REMOVER around with you. Wow. This is definitely great for when you crash at a party and need to redo your makeup in the morning. Harhar. Are you one of those people who brings your makeup with you EVERYWHERE? What are your essentials?

Marcy said...

Funny you should ask! ; ) Lipstick, Powder 'N Paint is about to do a week-long soecial next week showcasing the makeup must-haves of several beauty blogger, including me! So keep an eye out for her page all next week. =)