Thursday, October 12, 2006

Revlon Super Lustrous Goodies

I've been a fan of Revlon's Super Lustrous Lipstick ($7.99 at for ages. I've had at least a couple tubes of it in my makeup bag ever since I started accumulating makeup (my current faves are Smoky Violet and Plum Baby). It's smooth, creamy, has beautiful colors to choose from, and has great staying power. What's not to love?

So really, it should be no real surprise that when I finally got around to trying their Super Lustrous Lipgloss ($6.19 at, I fell in love with it, too! I'm not sure why I hesitated for so long... maybe because of my ability to immediately become incredibly undecisive when faced with several color choices when trying a new product? I don't know. Anyway, I finally bought it (in Shine City), and I love it! Very light and non-sticky. I think this may be my new favorite lipgloss. I've been considering going out and buying another tube, just so I can keep one with my makeup at home and one in my purse. Which, at $6, won't break the bank... something I always appreciate in makeup! ; )

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yummy411 said...

hi marcy,
just found out about your blog and love it! i read the rave reviews on this stuff. One of the star style colors was recommended, Peachy Shimmer, and I love it! I went back to try more colors and was disappointed. Great shine and lasting, but the smell of them made me nauseated..almost like tire rubber. (This is not the case with the Peachy Shimmer however.) The color is for the faint hearted. The pigments all seem promising for nice color, but after two or three rubs after application, they are all clear (my lips are a fair to pale pink, yellow undertones in my skin.) Just wanted to share my two scents! Thanks for reviewing.