Saturday, December 09, 2006

Lip Scrubs

I've been hearing a lot lately about "lip scrubs" and "lip exfoliators" lately. I've used the bristles of my toothbrush in the past to help get rid of flaky dry skin on my lips, but that can be awkward and rough so I was actually considering buying one of these new lip products.

Then I was lying in bed this morning and thought "Wait a minute... can't I just make one myself?!?" Now, I'm not normally your DIY beauty product person. I'm not sure why, but I just don't get around to making my own concoctions of stuff. But this one seemed like it could be so easy. So I tried it out. Here's my "recipe":

  1. Squeeze some of your favorite thick lip balm onto your finger (I used my Philosophy Kiss Me lip balm).
  2. Sprinkle some sugar on top of your glob of lip balm.
  3. Gently scrub your lips with the mixture.

It's that easy. Since you're using sugar, it even tastes nice if you get some into your mouth. Then, simply rinse off and- TaDa!!- you'll have gorgeous, soft, plump-looking lips.


Meg said...

Great idea! I'll have to try it sometime.

Anonymous said...

You're a genius. I love you and your blog. Thank you for sharing your idea instead of hiding it away from the rest of the hungry fashion world!

Sales Rack Raider said...

Love this idea! Better than using my regular face scrub (which I love, but that stuff is gritty).

Miss Kim ;~) said...

I do something similar. I use a sweet almond oil that I get from the health food store near my house and I mix it with brown sugar. I make a little paste and let it sit for a few minutes. Then I use a baby wash cloth to scrub, then I rinse and the end result is VERY SMOOTH.

Happy said...

I'll use it for flawless makeup lips:)

Kristina said...

Our company carries a great inexpensive all natural lip scrub: