Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Got Mom Jeans?

Reverse Fit Jeans-- "High-quality denim. Sits just above the waist, full through the hip and thigh, tapered leg opening."

Get them now, at Gap.com!

Dear Lord, WHY????


Criss said...

I want jeans that sit above the waist in the back, but sit on the hips in the front.

Am I getting fat, or is the plumber complex everytime I sit or bend over all in my head?

I love the low-rise stuff, especially since I have such a high waist, but I am very paranoid about le butt crack popping out to say "Hi!"

Trendi said...

Criss - every girls butt crack pops out when they're wearing low rise jeans and sit or bend over. I'm in college, and I see it every day. Some girls are paranoid about it, and others must not notice when it's happening or simply don't care. I think they mostly don't care because they are attention (insert adjective here). Anyway, even moms shouldn't have to dress in mom jeans.

miss e. said...

about jeans that sit higher in the back than in front - i've noticed that my miss sixty jeans do that; it makes me look like i actually have a butt!

but i love that term - MOM JEANS! why didn't i hear or think of that sooner?

although i think i always mentally associated those jeans with - and i'm not kidding - soccer moms who use phone-book sized pads. maybe b/c that style of jeans could disguise even diapers.

Marcy said...

I have the same problem with my jeans. It's not because I'm an attention whore-- the problem is that with my body shape, I simply look bad in jeans that aren't low-rise. I already have curvy hips and butt, pants that hit me anywehre near my natural waist make me look huge.

Anyway, there are some things that can be done to help prevent or minimize plumber-butt. Jeans wioth a bit of stretch help, as they have more "give" and can stretch to cover more of your bum. Also, wearing a belt helps hold up the back of your pants. One of the blessings of the new trend for longer tops is that they cover up your back, so your jeans can slip way low and your top covers it anyway.

BTW, the reason I called these "Mom Jeans" was not just b/c of the high rise, but also b/c they're wide through the hips and thighs but tapered at the bottom-- a combination that looks good on NO ONE.

Marcy said...

(hmm.. perhaps I shoulda just turned that into a post)

Anonymous said...

Okay, there is such a thing as mid-rise if you're not all about the low-rise. But up to your chest rise, not a good look!

JustBee said...


Meg said...

There are some brands that are now making low-rise styles that are cut higher in the back (ie, more butt coverage and no fear of plumber effect). This post (http://offtherack.people.com/2006/11/i_love_the_look.html) from Off The Rack suggests a couple styles that are like this (though I myself refuse to pay more than $50 for jeans, so I'll be searching for these at Loehmann's). Hope this helps!

Sales Rack Raider said...

"Reverse fit" jeans? Even the name of it smells rotten.

My body type (small waist, big hips/butt) requires either low-rise or the high-waisted wide-legged variety of jeans. Since it's hard to find a high-waisted pair that fits perfectly, I'm forced to stick with low-rise much of the time. I think the plumber butt problem can be solved by finding a pair that's more fitted but not too tight. The jeans will stick to the body more and not pull down so easily.

Barbara said...

I'm 44. The first pair of jeans I ever owned were Levis, boys Levis. They looked horrible. When I was 15 I got a pair of Lee Women's jeans. They fit my waist, hips and thighs. They had tapered legs. I was in heaven. I have always like this style of jeans. I actually don't get the whole 'mom jeans' thing.