Wednesday, December 13, 2006

American Beauty Super Plush 10-Hour Lipcolor

On a trip to Kohl's recently, I got seduced by American Beauty's Super Plus 10-Hour Lipcolor ($16.50, now on sale for $14.85) in Blushing Rose (a deep-yet-bright rosy pink color that I've somehow come to associate with the holidays). I've been weary of long-wear products in the past as I've had bad experiences of them sucking my lips totaly dry, but lately I've been feeling annoyed by how quickly my normal lipstick or gloss rubs off (especially when I'm blowing my nose with any sort of frequency).

So I tried it. The verdict? Quite good, actually. I applied the color and as it dried 9the instructions say to give it 1 full minute) my lips started feeling a bit dry, but once I put the gloss on top they felt instantly better. The gloss is ok... not great, but not bad either. It actually lasted for several hours, which was impressive. But you can just as easily keep your favorite gloss or balm handy for re-moisturization rather than havw to carry the big lipstick-and-gloss combo here.

The color stayed true for a good 12 hours, with very limited flaking or looking wierd in any other way. By the end of the day I had to use eye makeup remover to get the color off, but it came off faily easily that way (which is nice-- I want something that sticks when I want it to, but comes off easily when I want it to).

So, yeah, I'm happy enough with this that I may go back and buy another color or 2. It's the long-lasting lipstick I've liked the most of the few that I've tried.

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