Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Wedding Season

Summer means.... wedding season. Obnoxiously big white dresses and pretty shiny things. Last year I had 4 weddings to attend between the months of may and october. This year it's only one, but I'm still scrambling to figure out what to wear.

Well, as I was perusing my newest finding (the fact that Forever 21 has an actual website), I found a very cute and plentiful collection of summer dresses, all for about $25 each! Unfortunately the site won't allow me to borrow pictures, so I can't showcase them here. But you can click here to be taken to the Forever 21 dress section. Some of my favorites include the Luau Spaghetti Dress (it just looks fun!), the Striped Floral Halter Dress, the Floral Empire Tie Dress, and the Chrissy Crossover Dress.

Enjoy your perusing! =)

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