Thursday, July 06, 2006


I have always had a really hard time buying a pair of shorts. They're even harder to shop for than jeans. My problems: 1) they're generally so super short that there's usually some ass cheek hanging going on, 2) They also tend to have widened-out legs, which I don't get AT ALL. Combine super short with wide legs and you get not only total butt peek, but the parts of my butt that are covered look wierd b/c of how the legs flare out. Going up a size or 2 doesn't seem to help, as it only makes the awkward fit even more awkward.

Thus I have embraced the capri and knee-length shorts trends. They allow me to be cooler, while being able to avoid the dreaded shorts. However, this season it seems shorts are being born-again, and being the ever hopefuly optimist that I am, I set out today for some experimental shopping. I can usually get away without shorts in this great California climate, but next week I'm flying out to Spain where it is swelteringly hot currently so... yeah.

First I went to Kohl's. Kohl's is a wonderful place where cute clothes come in bundles, and cheap ones at that. However I got frustrated quickly as all the shorts were of the typical super-short variety, and everything seemed to come in size 0, 1, 3, 5, 11, 13+, conveneintly skipping my size range of 6-9. Grrr. I did find a pair of carpis (sort of like these) however that fit pretty well and were only $13, so I was somewhat successful. yay! I also snagged a lace tank top that's nice and long for $4.99.

I then hit Old Navy, and that's where I hit the jackpot-- they actually have stylish looking shorts in longer lengths!!! I tried on a few of their 3.5" inseam shorts and, although they still didn't *quite* fit perfectly (I think my latin booty is a bit much for Old Navy) I was mostly satisfied with the fit and I LOVED the length (the ones pictured at right are on sale online for $17.50).

Here's a couple other cute styles I liked:

Madras shorts for $22; Twill shorts for $17.50

If you like the longer bermuda shorts (each for $26.50):

Tab-waist bermudas for $26.50; Mardas bermudas for $24.50

Check for additional styles and colors.


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