Monday, July 31, 2006

Introducing: Good Skin Color

Good Skin, a skin-care line created by Estee Lauder and sold exclusively at Kohl's stores, has just launched its beauty line. I'm already a huge fan of Good Skin's Megabalm Ultra Soothing Lip Treatment ($9.50), so I was my curiosity was definitely piqued about what fun and fancy new products they might have. So today I made my way to my neighborhood Kohls... only to be dissappointed by the fact that they didn't have the new make-up section in yet! Not one to easily give up, I decided to drive the 15 minutes to the other Kohls I know of in the area. Voila! They had the new makeup. And how fabulous it all looked!

You can imagine my joy at discovering that their Megabalm, which I love for its beautiful glossiness and its ability to quench and soften my lips like nothing else, now came in tinted forumlas ($9.50) as well!

I immediately fell in love with Bronze Raisin, a sheer and gorgeously shimmery shade (the picture on the website does not do it justice!). I also liked Mocha Pink, but couldn't afford to buy more than 1 tube at a time (...yet) so that one will have to wait. But it looked like a nice neutral shade.

The next product to catch my eye was their Smooth Color Eyeshadow Duo ($14.50). The shades all looked soft, subtly shimmery, and absolutely gorgeous. Unfortunately when I tested the shadows on my hand the shimmer didn't show up really well. I know for me with certain colors I need that bit of shimmer, otherwise the color looks odd on me. Again, I definitely suggest going into the stores to check out the color selection b/c the online pictures don't really tell you much. Anyway, I bought a shadow duo in Sweet Sherbet. The colors are very soft and subtle, but sweet and pretty. They also feel silky soft going on the lid.

I looked at some of their blush options, they had a powder blush and a cream blush ($15 each). I tested the cream blush on my hands and noticed that you need to be pretty careful about how much you use-- it felt a bit sticky and went on kind of boldly. Basically, if you want to use that product you just have to make sure to go little bits at a time so you don't end up looking like a clown. I may have to try one of their powder blushes sometime, though. They had a nice range of colors, and many of them also had a bit of that shimmery quality that made them look really pretty.

I may also have to try their mascara ($12.50) sometime in the future. It's a two-sided version, with a fortifying serum on one end to nourish and strengthen lashes, and black or brown mascara on the other to lengthen.

I had fun today checking out the different products. I left a few products out of this post, so if you want to check them out you can go to Kohls online or to one of their stores (check website for locations). I wonder if this will be the entire line, or if they've got some new things up their sleeve that they will unveil later on down the line...

*Note: I will be out of town tuesday and wednesday and will be unable to post. I'll be back on thursday.*

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