Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Lip gloss will be the death of me. I love, love, LOVE lip gloss. Can't get enough. And one of my most recent lip gloss finds is this yummy treat by Victoria's Secret-- their Beauty Rush Lip Gloss. It's glossy, it's sparkly, it comes in all sorts of delicious colors and flavors, and currently it's on sale in stores for 2 for $10 (or 3 for $15 online). My only complaint is that they are a bit sticky, so make sure to wear your hair back when you go outside so it doesn't become glued to your lips. But the sticky factor also gives this gloss extra staying power, and I've been amazed at how shiny and glossy my lips looked even after drinking a glass of water or eating a meal. One last thing, these also have the slanted-tip flat applicator which makes gliding it onto your lips that much easier (who came up with the rounded tip lip gloss applicators anyway?!?).

Indulge. You know you wanna. ; )


Sales Rack Raider said...

I love the staying power of lip gloss compared to lipstick. In fact, I like it so much that I'd wear it to professional functions, though I'd blot with tissue to keep the color but lose the shine. The color looks much more natural, too.

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rebelleBAP said...

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