Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Purity Made Simple: Update

Last week I gushed over how much I've been loving Philosophy's Purity Made Simple facial cleanser. However, I have something to add:

Do not take this bottle with you when travelling.

This past weekend I drove to Lake Tahoe with a bunch of my family. I took my 4oz bottle of Purity Made Simple with me. When we got there and I started unpacking all my toilettries, I found that a bunch of Purity Made Simple had leaked all over the bag. I gues it just got squished, or something with the altitude.... I don't know. However none of my other liquid toilettries leaked.

I probably wouldn't have thought much of it, expect I then remembered TheMakeupGirl having a similar experience several months ago.

This makes me sad, as this is the one facial cleanser I know of that takes off ALL makeup (including heavy eye makeup) easily, and I was so excited to finally have a good way to remove all my eye makeup from nights out when travelling without having to bring separate eyemakeup remover or deal with raccoon eyes. I think I'll have to find a new travel bottle to use, that won't leak. I don't know if the larger-sized bottles have this same problem. I'm just kinda dissappointed. Oh well. Again, I'll just find a different bottle to put it in for when I travel.


rebelleBAP said...

That bottle they put Purity Made simple is not travel safe. I had one burst in a travel bag at a wedding last year and ended up using hotel soap on my face. Put that stuff in plastic baggie!!

Anonymous said...

Even well sealed bottles can leak when you're flying because luggage compartments (I think) aren't pressurized. Regardless - I love baggies but they need a backup because when stuff leaks, then it's a thin piece of plastic away from your clothes!

My secret: plastic wrap. Every bottle, every tube (even toothpaste) is wrapped like a mummy, about three times around. If it's a large bottle, make sure you press the wrap into crevices around the cap. Then they go into baggies. This works.

When you unwrap it, you'll often find it started to leak, but the wrap contained it and the baggie would have been your second line of defense.

Seems like a waste of wrap, but it isn't. Bottles are pretty much guaranteed to leak now and then and preventing that saves you time and money.

Wrap them again for the return and you'll come home with a clean suitcase!

BTW - I even do this when I'm not traveling by air because containers can leak if they're upside down or pressed, like toothpaste or makeup tubes in the bottom of your bag.

Desiree said...

This is totally true. Their bottles are NOT user travel friendly at all. They have always leaked. Luckily, I always put everything in zip lock bags. However, it's still a shame to loose the product for nothing. You absolutely have to change bottles when travelling. I also do not like the cardboard in the lid of the Hope in a jar. The cream always sticks to it if you travel with it, and gets absorbed into the cardboard. You would think they would put plastic there instead???

Anonymous said...

A good way to keep bottles from leaking is to unscrew the cap. Then squeeze the bottle till the product comes to the top and there are no air pockets bubbles. Then while still squeezing the bottle screw the cap back on. The product can't move around inside the bottle and then it doesn't leak.

If you're still cautious then just put it in a ziploc bag before packing it.

Anonymous said...

I used a small piece of plastic wrap. Unscrewed the lid, placed the wrap over the mouth of the bottle then I screwed the lid back on. No fuss no mess.

Since it was my first attempt at no leak travel, I also ziplocked it in a freezer bag. Double done and successful.